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Networkrim Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Network Rim Data Centers located?
Network data center space is in Downtown Los Angeles. Network Rim's headquarters is at 624 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017, on the Ninth Floor and 650 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017, on the Fifth and Ninth Floor.

Does Network Rim really have the fastest network?
There are literally hundreds of networks that Network Rim can choose from to connect to in Los Angeles. Network Rim is located right at the peering points of LA and purchases transit from the most reliable and fastest networks that it can find. Network Rim's network is optimized for speed and because Network Rim is so big, Network Rim can afford gigabit fiber connections to all the fastest networks.

Does Network Rim have free 24 hour on-site tech support?
Network Rim offers free 24 hour on-site connectivity related support and free 24/7/365 on-site tech support for anything that takes 5 minutes or less. So reboots are free and available 24 hours per day either by phone at (800) 459-6448. Custom tech and admin support is available for $75/hour.

What is your SLA? Do you offer 99.99% uptime?
Most of Network Rim's clients are on a month-to-month plan and are free to go if they want. Most SLA agreements were created by company's to trap clients into long term agreements - so they rarely offered 100% uptime. Network Rim offers 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes, Network Rim offers a 100% money back guarantee on all orders that are canceled within the first 30 days of ordering. 

What is 95th percentile bandwidth billing?
Bandwidth is often sold by hosting company's in "gigs" of bandwidth transfer on the lower end, but on the higher end it is purchased by ISPs in mbps (megabits per second). This is because more important than the amount of data transfer is the capacity utilized while doing so- since no one else can use that capacity if you are using it all up.  A gig of transfer is like a gallon of gas, but mbps is like the size of the pipeline that the gas is going through. 95th percentile billing is the industry standard billing practice which determines the fair amount of capacity that a client is using and that's what the client is billed for. A bandwidth usage sample is taken every 5 minutes and these are plotted on a graph.  A client is not billed for the highest 5% of his or her bandwidth sample - these are the so called "spikes" and so billable usage is determined to be at the 95% spot of the samples. 

Are there any bandwidth overage bills?
If you have subscribed to an unmetered plan like the 10mbps Hybrid bandwidth plan (the default plan) then there is no bandwidth overage bill.  If you are subscribed to 20mbps burstable plan then you will be billed at the rate of $100 for each 10mbps or part of 10mbps you use over 20mbps or $1000 for the full 100mbps whichever is less.

Is Network Rim a profitable company?
Yes, Network Rim has been profitable was built up one client at a time. Network Rim is one of the fastest growing private companies in Los Angeles.
How do I order a server?
You can click on the Sign Up tab either at or if you want you can send us an email to  If you don't see what you want just ask us we build every server custom to your specifications. Also, for fastest service it is always best to give us a call.

How long will it take to get my server online?
Network Rim builds each server custom but since we are open 24/7/365 servers often go online the same day however the average time is about 24 hours - a little longer the more custom the server and operating system is.

How many static IPs can I get with my dedicated server?
Every dedicated server comes with 1 static IP and if you want more they are $1/ip/month. If you ask for more than 5 we may ask you to "justify" the usage according to the rules of ARIN who issues IP numbers.

Do I need a control panel? Which ones are best and why?

Control panel software for both windows and linux is recommended especially for those clients who have limited admin skills. Control panel software provides such things as a Mail Server, Individual User Logins, Statistics,  and DNS all with easy to use and web accessible graphical user interfaces.

If I prepay 1 year but cancel early can I get a refund?
Yes! If you prepay 1 year to save money, but for some reason need to cancel your service early, then your contract will revert to a month-to-month contract and we will refund the difference between the 1 year prepay rate and the rate had you signed up for month to month service and paid the set-up fees assocaited with month-to-month service from the beginning.

May I run my own DNS servers?
Yes. You may run your own DNS servers.
Will Network Rim delegate my IPs for reverse DNS?
Yes! Either Network Rim will do your reverse DNS for you or Network Rim will put in NS records into its DNS which will delegate your IPs to your DNS servers so that you can do your own reverse DNS.